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AIR 1950 Sau 9

Year Decided



Gujarat HC    India    


Accused was arrested under the Influx from Pakistan Act, 1948. Accused was a resident of India who had gone to Pakistan to fetch family members. They received a permanent permit allowing them to enter India from Pakistan. Meanwhile, a permit book was stolen from the High Commissioner's Office. Accused was charged with the offence on the grounds that the permit was forged as it did not have the Ashoka Pillar of the rubber stamp of the High Commissioner's Office on some pages. The court found that most pages were properly stamped. That the Ashoka Pillar was absent on some pages was found to have been the case with several other permits that had been issued, as well as that the permit was on the duly stamped formed. There was no evidence that the accused had been aware of the stolen permit book or that he came into possession of the permit after having knowledge of the permit book having been stolen. The accused was acquitted.

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